Deep down inside, is there something you want to change in your playing?

Do you want a stronger technique? Greater freedom of expression? More powerful confidence onstage?

These things can happen at the Transformative Piano Master Class Series: Connecting Mindfulness, Confidence, and Performance, beginning June 4. Here’s what others have said about this unparalleled series:

David overcame extreme apprehension about performing.

“One week after the Piano Master Class Series, I gave a performance that felt game-changing. The extreme apprehension I was used to experiencing hours before a concert was gone. The series had taught me how to use my body and channel my energy much more efficiently at the piano while playing. I felt a new level of command over the instrument and was much freer to express myself. When the concert was over, an enormous wave of emotion came over me – as if I were feeling at once both all the sadness in the music and a huge release of some of my old habits. I am very grateful for this transformative work.”

–David Shimoni, Juilliard Alum

Mari gained confidence in her abilities.

“Until now I struggled a lot as a solo pianist. But because of this series, my life has been transformed – I feel confident, and I know I have the skills to actually achieve my goals.”

— Mari Hwang, alum of Manhattan School of Music

Shin freed up his wrist and felt encouraged about his expressive ability.

“I learned so much as a general participant at this series and witnessed amazing changes in the performers’ playing. Madeline showed me how to release stiffness in my wrist and fingers by combining wrist movement with forearm rotation, which created a much gentler and deeper sound. And she commented that my hands looked really connected to my heart. That meant so much to me.”

— Shinichiro Inaji, amateur pianist

Clara’s playing opened up as she released tension.

“The mindfulness practices were magical and connected me to my true, inner self. And Madeline helped me let go of a lot of tension at the piano. My playing became more authentic.

— Clara Zhang, alum of University of Massachusetts

Louis gained new knowledge and inspiration as a teacher.

“As a piano teacher, watching Madeline work with students at this series was invaluable. And the community experience of mutual trust and respect deepened my love of teaching.

— Louis Yungling, alum of Arizona State University

Mirna’s practicing became more enjoyable and productive.

“In this series we engaged in a wonderful exploration of sound and freedom, which made my practice sessions very productive and enjoyable. I’m thankful to see a path ahead, and I’m looking forward to continuing this exploration.

— Mirna Lekic, faculty, Mannes School of Music

How did they do it?

Through going deeper into their inborn capacities.

And mindfulness — cultivating basic awareness — is the simple yet powerful ingredient that helps you recognize what’s been standing in your way and break through to what’s really possible.

Here are four game-changing things you will learn:

  • Typically overlooked facts about physical coordination that make a huge difference in your piano technique, so you can rely on your body in the heat of performance.
  • Techniques for making a visceral connection with the sounds you’re making, so you can trust and express your deep musicality onstage.
  • A rarely understood fact about how to tap into the natural pulse in music, giving your performances powerful, natural momentum.
  • Three mindfulness techniques away from the piano to help you release mental tension, expressive blocks, and performance anxiety.

Plus, you’ll experience the group support of other, like-minded participants through weekly discussions at each class, so you can share the transformative process and relax with your fears about performing.

No wonder it changes the lives of the people who jump in and go for it.

I’d love to have you with us this year! And the application deadline is May 30. So check out all the information and apply now for one of the huge scholarships available. I’d love to see you there!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me – or submit your question in the comments below.