For years, I had a recurring nightmare that I had to sightread a concerto with an orchestra, and that as I stumbled through it in total panic the zipper in the back of my dress started to split open. It was the classic performance anxiety dream of a musician.

But in my waking hours, my biggest fear in those days was different: Especially before an important performance, I was scared of having a memory lapse—even after winning a big competition in which I’d had one!

Of course I did everything to prevent memory lapses. I often went through an entire piece in my head to see if I could remember every finger on every key, instinctively training my brain and my whole nervous system to know the piece cold.

I wanted to be like the violinist friend I had at music school who said, “I could play that piece in the middle of the night hanging upside down from a tree.”

Nevertheless, I still occasionally had memory lapses. Like everybody else.

It’s great to do everything we can to have a piece fully under our belt. But the fact is, no matter what methods we use to avoid a memory lapse, there’s never a guarantee we won’t have one in the heat of performance.

But if you understand what performing from memory is really about, a huge part of your fear can disappear.

The truth is, performing is not about passing a test. It’s really about being fully present in making music, which results from being fully present in your practicing.

This means that your body, mind, heart, and perceptions are thoroughly engaged from moment to moment.

Then you can naturally bring all of yourself to your big moment onstage.

And even if something does go wrong, your confidence and your desire to share the music you’ve become so fully connected to will connect you strongly to your audience and will get you through whatever happens.

So how do you actually do this? And does it really work?


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Your practicing can be more efficient and enjoyable.
Your body can feel more free and natural at the piano.
Your musicality can come through more when you focus more intently on listening.
You can get past performance anxiety and find a whole new level of fulfillment onstage.
You can accomplish this transformation in the supportive company of like-minded pianists who are experiencing it along with you.

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