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The Educators Circle
at the Art of Practicing Institute


Connecting Mindfulness, Confidence, and Performance

The Art of Practicing Institute is excited to initiate a gathering of music educators who incorporate mindfulness in their teaching. We invite you to join this gathering as a participant in our online summer program, July 20 – 25.

Come join us to . . .

      • Be part of a vibrant gathering of like-minded educators to share ideas, challenges, and new solutions for teaching.
      • Expand your toolkit of strategies to help you deepen your students’ experience.
      • Integrate your mindfulness practice more completely with your teaching so you can synthesize all elements of the learning process.
      • Renew your pedagogical curiosity and creativity so you can return to your students invigorated with new insights to share.

As an educator participant you will . . .

      • Observe master classes in applying mindfulness techniques to making music on a variety of instruments.
      • Meet with your educator colleagues and faculty in focused discussion groups to debrief and process what you observe and learn.
      • Participate in daily mindfulness practices and discussions with performers and other participants.

Tal Varon“This work triggered a profound transformation in my musical career. It helped me to see clearly the physical, mental, and emotional landscape of being a musician in my practicing, performing, and teaching. This allows me to make intelligent decisions on how to progress in a healthy and fulfilling way, and how to cultivate the same path with my students. Deep thanks and appreciation!”
— Tal Varon, saxophonist, Faculty, Israel Conservatory

“This program dramatically opened up my playing and teaching. My students’ playing has come to life, and it’s incredibly gratifying to witness their growth and confidence.”
— Laura Klein, pianist and teacher, Denver

Stephen Burns“This program has made me a far more sensitive and effective teacher. It’s tremendously rewarding to see my students playing on a new level, and feeling so positive about themselves and their potential.”
— Stephen Burns, Prof. of Trumpet, De Paul University

Program Faculty
Madeline Bruser, piano, author of The Art of Practicing, Founding Teacher
Stephen Burns, trumpet/winds, Certified Teacher of the Art of Practicing
Tim Mueller, piano, Certified Teacher of the Art of Practicing
Kirk Ferguson, trombone, Associate Teacher

We’d love to have you be part of our vibrant community and share the joy and power of mindfulness in changing musicians’ lives.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Madeline Bruser signature

Madeline Bruser
Founding Teacher, The Art of Practicing Institute

Get all the details here ...
Due to receiving many applications, we’ve added a special Welcome and Introductions gathering on Sunday, July 19, 1:00 – 2:15 PM Eastern. Those unable to attend can view the recording and introduce themselves at the first discussion group on July 20.

Program Format (Eastern Time)

The program is designed as a complete, transformative, six-day experience.
Please plan on attending all sessions listed below:
[8:30 AM Eastern, July 21 onward: Small peer gatherings for those east of the Atlantic]
Educators Circle for those east of the Atlantic]
9:30: Mindfulness practices, including mindfulness-awareness meditation, the Performing Beyond Fear exercise, and Focusing
10:30: Discussion groups for all participants
11:30: Meal break
12:30: First master class session for entire group
1:15: Break
1:20 Simultaneous master class sessions
2:05 Break
2:20 Simultaneous master class sessions
3:05 Break
3:10 Educators Circle discussions/general participant instrumental sessions
4:10 Break
4:15 Small peer gatherings for those west of the Atlantic
5:00 Program day ends

Please see video and program description for master class participants and general participants.

Educators Circle Cost and Scholarships:
Because the finances of many musicians are strained during the pandemic, we have kept our program fees as low as possible. In addition, we have a scholarship fund to ensure that no one will be refused participation in the program if they cannot pay the full fee. Please indicate on your application form if you need scholarship assistance, and if so, what amount.

The full fee is $175. Scholarships are available.

Payment plans may be available. We also encourage participants to raise funds through

Start and End of Program (Eastern Time)
For musicians in North America, the program begins at 9:30 AM Eastern, Monday, July 20.

For those across the Atlantic, the Educators Circle discussions will take place at
8:15 AM Eastern instead of 3:30 PM Eastern.

The program will end completely for all participants by 5:15 PM Eastern on Saturday, July 25.

Refund policy
You will receive a full refund if you cancel your registration before June 20.
After that, the following percentages will be applied:
By June 20, 75%
By June 30, 50%
After June 30, 0% refund

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