Sessions for Non-pianists

Since developing the Art of Practicing in 1985, non-pianists have often requested to work with Madeline Bruser, and many have attended her workshops. The mindfulness techniques she teaches through the Art of Practicing help all musicians to

  • increase focus and enjoyment during practicing
  • play with more emotional intensity yet less physical tension
  • expand their expressive range by bringing out melodic and harmonic inflections
  • realize when their muscles are getting tense, helping to prevent overuse injuries
  • open to spontaneous insights in practicing
  • calm their nervous system and reduce stress
  • release tension, freeing up vital energy for making music


Finally, her unique Performing Beyond Fear exercise

  • allows performers to shift their focus from self-consciousness to generosity onstage, thus transforming stage fright into confidence
Sessions may take place in Madeline’s NYC studio, or online.


Comment from a musician after her Skype session: 

“Doing the the Performing Beyond Fear exercise before each performance quite honestly transformed my experience of performing. I actually found myself enjoying the moment, and feeling like I could lose my ego to some extent and just ‘give’ the music to the audience. It’s just turned my way of thinking around about what performance is actually about.

“I’m also enjoying using the Art of Practicing as we did during the Skype session. It’s quite addictive actually! It helped me to feel the music more and not just worry about technical issues.”

Felicity Corrie, cellist