Seminars and Workshops

Tuesday - Lara 1Madeline Bruser has led seminars and workshops at the Juillliard School and other major conservatories, for pianists and other musicians who want to practice with less struggle and break through to a new level of performance. Topics include The Art of Practicing; Mindfulness, Confidence, and Performance; Performing Beyond Fear; and Injury Prevention and Recovery for Pianists. She also leads workshops for Teacher Certification in the Art of Practicing.

Summer Program

Mindfulness, Confidence & Performance: A Transformative Program for Musicians


July 21 – 28, 2018

Edinboro University, Erie, Pennsylvania

This weeklong program on the beautiful campus of Edinboro University is designed to help musicians of all instruments to break through habits in practice and performance and bring their playing or singing to a new level of confidence and expressive power. The program includes instruction in mindfulness techniques with and without your instrument.

From summer program participants:

 “In my experience, there is nowhere else in the world where musicians can openly explore really what it means to do what we do, at every level, in a place of acceptance.”

  Nora Krohn, violist, New York

 “This program helped me find a freedom and space in my practicing that I have been longing for. I feel much more empowered to bring something to my practicingto bring me, to bring whatever I want to it.” 

                         Carrie Schafer, Acting Second Trumpet, St. Louis Symphony

 “We all know we have a heart and that it speaks sometimes, but now we know how to access it.”         

  Lara Mitofsky Neuss, clarinetist, San Francisco Conservatory

 “I played tremendously better while practicing, with more energy and way less physical tension . . . The world needs this.”

Roger Farwell, classical guitarist, Master of Music, Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore

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Music School Workshops

Mindfulness, Confidence & Performance: Awareness Techniques for Musicians


If you are a music school faculty member or administrator and want your students to have more confidence onstage and to excel in performance, you are invited to offer Madeline’s exciting workshops in Mindfulness Confidence, and Performance: Awareness Techniques for Musicians. Students will learn simple and powerful techniques for transcending stage fright and bringing out their very best in performance. Click for more information.

“The Art of Practicing techniques that Madeline teaches are magical. I have better tone and a kind of clarity that is beyond anything I’d ever imagined. I didn’t realize that I could still make this kind of transformation and progress.”

Tang-mei Shieh, pianist, graduate of Manhattan School of Music


“Doing the Performing Beyond Fear Exercise before each performance quite honestly transformed my experience of performing. I actually found myself enjoying the moment, and feeling like I could lose my ego to some extent and just ‘give’ the music to the audience. It’s just turned my way of thinking around about what performance is actually about.”

Felicity Corrie, cellist, Cambridge University Alumna


Dates TBA, 2 1/2 hours per session,

at Madeline’s NYC studio

Hands-on workshops in which each participant learns to teach basic steps of the Art of Practicing by giving mock piano lessons, alternately playing the roles of teacher and student, and receiving feedback from Madeline and the group. Required for those pursuing Teacher Certification in the Art of Practicing.

Participants: $180 – $250  Please call regarding appropriate fee for your level.

Observers: $30.

Please call (212) 678-9215, or email