As tomorrow’s deadline approaches for applying to the Transformative Piano Master Class Series, I’ve been moved by the motivation and bravery of each applicant in trying something new and different. Whatever their particular concerns are, they’re willing to take the leap—because they trust their hunches that something needs to change in their practicing or performing. I feel honored to be working with them soon.

Maybe you too have been thinking about participating in this series. Maybe you want to take your playing to a new level, but it sounds a little scary or seems impassible.

Maybe you’re thinking, How could it be everything it’s advertised to be? More expressive freedom at the piano? Greater physical command of the instrument? Less performance anxiety? All in six weeks??

Well of course, after those six weeks, people continue to improve by using the skills and techniques they learned at the series.

And of course, during those six weeks, they have lots of questions about doing things differently than before.

But I love answering their questions, and helping them travel through them—because each person’s process is unique and can happen only through relying on their own intelligence and understanding.

Whenever we engage in any transformative process, one thing is for sure: We’re growing. So if you have a longing to grow more as a pianist and to find out what’s possible for you, I’d love to have you to with us for this amazing journey.

Remember, the deadline to apply is tomorrow, Monday, May 22, at 11:59 PM Eastern. Here’s all the info and application forms.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Here’s to your continued growth—as a pianist, artist, and person.