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The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart is available at bookstores everywhere. You can also purchase it online.

Reviews and Readers’ Comments
“An essential and brilliant book. . . Madeline Bruser gives us insight, wisdom, and tremendous practicality.”

Don Campbell, Author of The Mozart Effect

“The Art of Practicing is a healing mirror held up to our private lives as artists – it is luminous and inspiring.”

Paula Robison, Flutist

“Madeline Bruser has put together a valuable and insightful look at the art of practicing. If more people read this book, perhaps we might see an increase in the number of inspired and joyful music makers who, rather than viewing practice as a punitive activity, regard it as the supreme opportunity to explore their own creativity.”

American Music Teacher Magazine

“I’ve often thought of practice as ‘playing’ in the stretching, somersault, skipping, serenely special sense of the word, and The Art of Practicing reaffirms that. It gently and joyfully reminds us of the beautiful reasons we love music and become musicians in the first place. Give this book to any musician you love and to any person who loves what music does for them and for the world.”

–Richard Stoltzman, Clarinetist

“The attitude and approach presented in this book ring true and can inspire us to open up to music with stimulated imagination and inquisitiveness and to play ‘from the heart’ every time we sit down to play. I recommend this book and its ideas very highly.”

–Peter Serkin, Pianist

“Madeline Bruser has much to contribute toward the practical, psychological, and spiritual approach to productive practicing. So often it is regarded as penance when it can be an exhilarating and rewarding effort. I welcome this book.”

–From the Foreword by Yehudi Menuhin

“This is a book to read and read again, whether you are a performing musician or a serious listener.”

–The Washington Times

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