2023 Transformative Piano Master Class Series

Art of Practicing Institute

Connecting Mindfulness, Confidence, and Performance

Thursdays, June 1 to July 6, 1:00 to 3:30 PM Eastern
with bonus session for general participants Thursday, July 13
and celebratory concert to be announced

Do you long to feel more free and confident as a performer?

Do you wonder if you’re missing some necessary skill that would help you get past performance anxiety?

Do you feel like something is in your way that keeps you from playing the way you dream of for an audience?

Visualize being able to let go of tension and self-doubt and feel more joy and expressive freedom at the piano.

Imagine knowing that you can rely on a new kind of preparation that gives you more confidence onstage.

Picture yourself making this empowering transformation in a supportive group of fellow pianists who, like you, want to take their playing to a whole new level.

That’s what this six-week series of piano master classes can do for you. You’ll receive an in-depth, foundational experience of Madeline Bruser’s transformative approach to practice and performance. It’s designed to help you overcome technical and musical obstacles so you can perform with more confidence and expressive power.

“Until now I struggled a lot as a solo pianist. But because of this series, my life has been transformed – I feel confident, and I know I have the skills to actually achieve my goals.”

— Mari Hwang, alum of Manhattan School of Music

“In this series we engaged in a wonderful exploration of sound and freedom, which made my practice sessions very productive and enjoyable. I’m thankful to see a path ahead, and I’m looking forward to continuing this exploration.”

— Mirna Lekic, faculty, Mannes School of Music

“The mindfulness practices were magical and connected me to my true, inner self. And Madeline helped me let go of a lot of tension at the piano. My playing became more authentic.”

— Clara Zhang, alum of University of Massachusetts

Unlike any other program for pianists, this series will provide you with the practical support of mindfulness techniques and group discussions, along with intensive work at the piano, to help you trust your body and mind in practice and performance and to maximize your ease and musicality.

Three pianists will be selected through application and audition to work with Madeline for 40 minutes in every weekly class for six weeks. In addition, 15 general participants will be accepted to observe the work, to actively learn the essential mental exercises taught in each session, and to participate in all of the group discussions. These general participants will also be invited to an additional problem-solving session, in which each pianist may bring in a specific musical passage and receive 10 minutes of “laser” coaching to help them play it more easily and expressively.

The series will take place online on Thursday afternoons from 1::00 to 3:30 pm Eastern Time, with the special session for general participants on Thursday, July 13, from 1:00 to 3:30 pm Eastern.

“I learned so much as a general participant at this series and witnessed amazing changes in the performers’ playing. Madeline showed me how to release stiffness in my wrist and fingers by combining wrist movement with forearm rotation, which created a much gentler and deeper sound. And she commented that my hands looked really connected to my heart. That meant so much to me.”

— Shinichiro Inaji, amateur pianist


Due to generous scholarships from the Art of Practicing Institute, tuition for the three performing pianists is only $290 for the series.

Tuition for general participants is $75 for the series.

The application deadline is May 22.

Fill out one of these quick forms so we can consider you for a scholarship.

Application for playing in Master Classes
Application for General Participants

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