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Are you looking for more confidence onstage?
Do you carry excess tension in playing your instrument?
Do you find negative self-talk, self-doubt, and anxiety inhibiting you as a performer?

Maybe you take beta blockers for performance anxiety.

Or you push yourself to practice excessively and play tough passages over and over without enjoying the music.

Whatever your story is, you might wonder if there’s another approach to achieving confidence onstage.

What if I told you there is.
What if you could learn a new way of relating to your fear.
And a streamlined way of using your body so that you can perform with joy and freedom.

Yes, there is:

The twice-monthly Art of Practicing Institute live online workshops are home to a community of talented, hard-working musicians just like you. We’re learning and growing together, and we’re having an incredible time doing it.

Each 90-minute workshop will give you

10 minutes of a mindfulness practice

30 minutes of group discussion to support your learning

A 45-minute master class with a participant

Feedback from the group and wrap up

  • The mindfulness practices help you focus and connect with your primary
    motivation to perform, so that you can meet your instrument and your audience
    from a great state of mind.
  • The work with your instrument includes everything from movement and body
    alignment to how you relate to sound, rhythm, and phrasing.
  • And our extraordinary community will provide warm support to celebrate each
    step of your growth, and to help you become the musician you’re meant to be.

API faculty members often drop in to these workshops. And in between sessions, we all stay connected through a secret Facebook group.

Why join?

  • Be part of a great community
  • Find out how to perform with more emotional intensity but less physical tension
  • Shift your focus from self-consciousness to generosity onstage
  • Access confidence you didn’t know you had
  • Create vibrant presence in performance so you can connect powerfully with your audience

We have a rolling admission policy. So if you’re qualified and there’s an opening, we’ll welcome you warmly!

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“My transformation in the Live Online Workshops has been quite remarkable. There are many teachers out there who can teach the craft and the technical parts of music, but Madeline succeeds in making you grow as an artist and a human being. And the API faculty and worldwide community have created a warm and positive atmosphere that has provided great support for my practicing and performing.”

–Xose Miguelez, saxophonist, Spain

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