Interview clip with Jake Jones on why we perform,
January 2019

Music, Mind, and Movement Podcast Highlights

2:17 My training

4:18 Big wake-up moment at 29

7:02 Effects of meditation on practicing and performing

9:58 How posture changed at piano; changing career focus to teaching

13:45 Main point: Vulnerability – what the audience craves

17:37 How meditation helps you connect with your heart

20:27 Effect of meditation on musicians

22:04 How meditation connects you to your intuition and perceptions

23.37 Why we get disconnected from sound; reconnecting

31:27 How meditation is embedded in my approach

33:25 Why I wrote the book and teach

35:00 The API summer program for musicians

35:51 First experience teaching a non-pianist

37:22 Summary of the Art of Practicing approach

38:50 Body mechanics using your living energy

43:17 The need for gentleness; giving up control and trusting yourself

46:08 The Performing Beyond Fear exercise and why we perform

49:57 Our embarrassment about being human

51:02 Manifesting dignity in performance

54:02 We have greatness in us

55:08 Transmitting dignity and power to the audience

57:04 Learning to accept the intensity

59:24 Live online workshops

1:01:43 Vision of the institute: to help many people manifest the greatness within them

Mindful MagazineIn this 2010 interview, Madeline Bruser speaks about her musical background, what led her to pursue mindfulness meditation, and how it changed her practicing, performing, and teaching.

“Bruser’s voice is so genuine and inspiring. She gave me hope that I could be a better musician.”

Amy King, Girl in Blue Music
March 22, 2019

“… transform the act of practicing into a creative activity.”

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