If you’re ready to take your playing to a whole new level by learning an incredible set of new piano technique skills in a supportive group environment, you have till 11:59 PM Eastern tonight to submit your application for the new flextime course, Unlocking Natural Piano Technique.

Are you on the fence? Not sure if you want to jump over it into new territory?

Here’s what you will leave behind: A lot of unnecessary tension, confusion, self-doubt, and performance anxiety.

And in exchange for letting go of that, you will discover more ease, clarity, and confidence.

But you don’t need to take my word for it. Here are the words of a Juilliard Alum who actually made the journey:

“I felt almost completely defeated before working with Madeline. I’d been playing for 22 years but never felt at ease, and I had stopped enjoying it. Her expertise, personal grace and warmth, and deep commitment to helping us went far beyond what a teacher usually offers. And the work was life changing. I now understand how to use my hands at the piano on a whole new level, and play much more fluidly. And the mindfulness techniques have been almost impossible for me to assign a proper value to – as a pianist and as a person.

“Afterwards I had a performance with someone I really respect. Usually, big opportunities mean stress for me. But thanks to this work, I was able to calm myself and feel genuine excitement, something that shocked me. I played with much more ease, both physically and mentally. Even when I made mistakes, I was able to let go and improvise on a much higher level than in the past. At times I felt myself even getting too excited and losing control, but I was able to come back and allow myself to be a conduit and let it flow. It was surreal.

“After that performance I didn’t feel like I had been on the battlefield – I felt like I had made music.”

– Jon Thomas, jazz pianist, Juilliard graduate

If you still have questions, I’d be delighted to answer them. Just let me know.

I’d love to receive your application today.