Scientists have said that playing a musical instrument is the most complex neuromuscular activity that people engage in. This means that practicing and performing make extreme demands on your coordination, requiring maximum physical control, sensitivity, and precision. It’s easy to fall short of the high level of physical expertise that you need to master your instrument. Because musicians often use their bodies inefficiently and practice with excess tension, 75% of them develop practice-related injuries.

Specializing in piano technique has enabled me to help many pianists recover from their injuries. Read three case histories of accomplished pianists who were able to recover from their injuries and resume playing through their work with me.

Of course, it’s best to prevent an injury from happening in the first place. By training pianists step-by-step in using their hands, arms, and body comfortably and efficiently, I help them avoid excess tension and injury and fully express the music that’s inside of them.

“Before working with Madeline I was encumbered by inflammation, pain, and trigger fingers that had required repeated cortisone shots in my hands. Madeline went to the root of my problem, teaching me a more efficient way to use my hands, and guiding me toward the mental focus I needed through mindfulness practices. As a result, I began gradually to release years of habitual tension and to discover a kind of ease at the instrument that I had not experienced before.”

– Margaret Bloomfield, Portland, Oregon

“I began working with Madeline after a performance-related injury. Almost immediately, my whole physical approach to the piano became lighter and freer, and I could play again without aggravating the injury. Even more importantly, my mental and emotional attitudes have improved—I have been enjoying practicing again.”

– Cathy Corcoran, accompanist and teacher, New Jersey

“Teaching me online, Madeline explained and saw in detail what many teachers can’t even do in person. She helped me solve long-standing technical problems, and I finally recovered from my injury and feel confident at the piano.”

–Margaret Wronka Moeckel, pianist, alum of Manhattan School of Music

If you’re ready to discover new possibilities in your playing by breaking free of habits that are holding you back, take the first step now, and set up a complimentary diagnostic session.

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