Every pianist who comes to me for help with their playing is struggling in one way or another with not believing in themselves enough.

Isn’t that what we’re all up against, as we navigate the ups and downs of our lives?

Maybe you’ve had a teacher who discouraged you, or a parent who belittled you long ago.

Maybe you just never understood piano technique enough to be able to rely on your body in the heat of performance.

Maybe you’ve just focused so hard on “getting it right” with a piece that you’ve lost that magical feeling of being flooded with the joy of making music as you perform for others.

Whatever it is, and no matter how hopeless you might feel, there is always a way through the struggle to real freedom on the other side.

It happens through making a genuine, strong connection with your natural abilities – physical, musical, mental, and emotional – so that, although they may be buried, you discover that these natural abilities can never be destroyed or taken away from you. And you begin to enjoy your true birthright as a musician.

So how do you make that strong connection to your natural abilities? How do you find out that you can use your body with ease at the piano?

How do you reconnect with that pure love of music that made you want to play in the first place?

It begins with slowing down enough to actually notice that your abilities are right there, always available to you.

You need to get off the fast track and actually see, in precise detail, where your technique is getting derailed. And how you can transform your struggle with the instrument into an experience of freedom and joy.

Does this sound far-fetched? Impossible?

It’s not! This is exactly what I help my students discover at every lesson.

What are the keys to this process?

It’s a combination of tuning in to exactly how your body works, to the full beauty of every sound, and to the fundamental rhythmic organization and momentum in a piece of music.

And one more thing: Sharing your fears as you step into the unknown territory of this transformation and receiving the empathy and insight you need to fully engage with the process.

If you’re ready to dive in to this amazing, transformative process, I invite you to apply now for the Piano Empowerment Group Program, which begins in March. The application deadline March 1.

I look forward to receiving your application. And if you’re not sure if the program is a fit for you, feel free to set up a call with me.