This one-minute video segment of Chopin shows how the fingers, hand, and arm can move in a variety of ways. What types of movement do you notice?

Here are a few things I see, along with some pertinent questions:

My fingers mostly stay very close to the keys. Why?

Sometimes I throw my hand to one side or the other (forearm rotation) to bring out certain notes. But is it always directly sideways? Or do some movements actually go in a slightly diagonal direction? Is there a reason for that?

My wrist sometimes moves around in subtle ways. Is it random? Or are there specific reasons and principles behind it?

Toward the end that striking posture appears. How do I get power without leaning forward into the keys?

And then I drop my arm toward the keys from a fair distance, yet with what looks like a very clear aim. How do I do that?

And here’s the biggest question:

Can YOU learn how to do these things?

Yes. Anyone can learn these basic movements for whatever repertoire is appropriate for them. You just need to go step-by-step in observing what you’re doing, with someone carefully guiding you through the process.

I love piano technique. And I enjoy figuring out how to put different elements together for every new technical challenge.

So I invite you to get the answers to your questions about technique at my new flextime course, Unlocking Natural Piano Technique. You can choose the scheduling option that’s best for you.

And if you participate, you’ll receive insights, guidance, and group support to help you break through to a whole new level of ease and confidence at the piano.

The deadline to apply is this coming Tuesday, September 26. So click here for all the information and application forms.

And let me know if you have any questions.

I’d love to have you with us.