“How did the rose ever open its heart
and show the world all of its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light against its being.
Otherwise, we all remain too frightened.”

– Hafiz

The thing is, without the scariness and vulnerability, nothing powerful can happen. Because it’s just so compelling when a vulnerable human being risks everything by fully being themselves in front of other people.

So where do we get the nerve to do this?

How do you believe in yourself enough to take that risk?

Something in you has to know that what you have to offer is important, and that the world needs it.

And if you didn’t hear that message from your parents or teachers, you have to seek it out from someone else. Sometimes a good friend or a therapist can help. We all need somebody in our corner.

Every musician also needs a reliable guide—someone who can help you recognize and maximize your gifts—physical, mental, musical, and emotional—so that you can rely on those gifts when you’re in the spotlight.

And it’s important to surround yourself with the right friends, too—people who aren’t threatened by your gift, but who really appreciate it and cheer you on when you feel vulnerable or when you fall into self-doubt – as we all do sometimes!

That’s why I’m offering the Transformative Piano Master Class Series again this year – six weeks, beginning June 21, in which you’ll dismantle the habits that don’t serve you and uncover abilities within you that you didn’t know you had.

And as you unlock those natural abilities, you’ll start believing in yourself like never before – in the supportive company of other like-minded pianists.

On top of all that, all participants will receive very generous scholarships from the Art of Practicing Institute.

If you have any questions about this golden opportunity to tap into your true potential, please feel free to contact me.