Do you ever get the feeling that you have abilities within you that you can’t get to?

I definitely know that feeling. It’s frustrating!

But I was lucky to find an amazing key to unlock my hidden abilities: Mindfulness. Mindfulness allows you to notice habits that are In your way, and then to focus on doing things differently.

Here’s how some of my students describe what mindfulness techniques have done for them at the piano:

“The techniques Madeline teaches are magical. I have better tone and a kind of clarity that is beyond anything I’d ever imagined. I didn’t realize that I could still make this kind of transformation and progress.”

– Tang-mei Shieh, alum of Manhattan School of Music

“Until I worked with Madeline, I didn’t even know what I was capable of. It’s been life changing to feel more free at the piano–both technically and musically.”

–Brad Denton, Calgary

“I came to Madeline to fix bad habits and improve my technique, but I almost feel like those were fixed incidentally, as I learned much more important things along the way. She taught me how to really connect with, listen to, and trust myself—both my body and my heart. I regained the confidence I had lost and learned how to create space for myself to grow, as a pianist and person.”

–Amy Lam, California

I invite you to unlock your hidden treasure by attending my upcoming free interactive workshop, Mindfulness for Pianists: Freeing Your Energy for Performance on May 14, at 1 PM Eastern. Click here for info and to sign up!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to see you there!

Warm wishes,