Coaching Packages

For professionals and professionally oriented students, Madeline offers three coaching packages designed for accomplishing specific goals, using the Art of Practicing approach. Each package includes several private piano lessons offered at a slightly discounted hourly rate. Sessions may be scheduled at her NYC studio or on Skype.

The three packages are

A. Technique Streamlining

B. Musicianship Essentials

C. Performing Beyond Fear


A. Technique Streamlining

This six-session package will help you

  • identify and understand tension and habits that get in the way of physical and expressive freedom at the piano
  • systematically replace these habits with healthy, easeful ways of using your body and mind to play with less effort and more freedom
  • prevent or recover from a practice-related injury


Before signing up for this package you may schedule a free consultation to assess

  • basic strengths and weaknesses of your technique
  • the appropriate starting point for the technique streamlining process


The free consultation may be followed by a sample piano lesson, in which you bring in technical questions about two or more specific passages and learn easier and more effective ways of playing these passages.

B. Musicianship Essentials

This six-session package is designed to follow the Technique Streamlining package. You will continue to streamline your technique and add work with listening techniques and rhythmic principles of note grouping and phrasing. For some students, the work will be augmented by combining ear training with body movement, to fully integrate the elements of speech rhythm, body rhythm, and sensory awareness.

This work will help you

  • achieve greater clarity and tonal beauty
  • play with more vibrancy and vitality
  • master a sense of flow in your technique


C. Performing Beyond Fear

In this six-session package you will add the mental disciplines of mindfulness meditation and the Performing Beyond Fear exercise to your daily practice, deepening your connection to yourself, the music, and your audience.

This work will help you

  • more readily identify physical and mental habits that are in your way
  • replace those habits with habits of ease, clear focus, and trust in your abilities
  • enjoy authentic confidence and expressiveness in performance
  • let go of self-consciousness and give more to your audience