What Phoebe learned to do at that lesson had to do with positioning her body in a particular way, and then noticing how energy moved through her in different directions.

If that sounds complicated, it’s actually not. It just takes a while to notice everything and to make little adjustments along the way.

And it’s one of the most basic components of piano technique that I teach all of my students.

I invite you to learn how to do this yourself— along with a lot of other great things at the piano — at my new flextime course, Unlocking Natural Piano Technique.

Here’s how you really can’t go wrong with this course:

You can …

  • Combine live participation with recordings in whatever combination fits your schedule—or just watch the recordings
  • See powerful principles in action by watching or playing in the live working sessions at the piano
  • Apply everything you’ve learned from the sessions when you’re practicing during the week
  • Ask questions (or send them in) and get them answered in detail
  • Receive informative email handouts about technique
  • Enjoy the supportive company of other pianists who share your interest in this essential and amazing topic

Plus …

  • It’s affordable!

So unless you think you have piano technique all figured out and you’re not curious to learn anything new that might change the game for you as a performer or teacher, come join us!

I myself continue to learn more about technique as I apply key principles and techniques to the endless variety of unique challenges that great music brings up.

The application deadline is this coming Tuesday, September 26.
So check out all the information here.

Have questions now? Let me know! I’ll be delighted to answer them.

I can’t wait to have you with us.