How to Break Through to a New Level of Performance


Ready to Take the Leap?

As tomorrow's deadline approaches for applying for the Transformative Piano Master Class Series, I've been moved by the motivation and bravery of each applicant in trying something new and different. Whatever their particular concerns are, they're willing to take the...

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Dissolve Your Dread of Memory Lapses!

Daniel Barenboim, Artur Schnabel, Sviatoslav Richter, and other great pianists have all had memory lapses onstage. But it hasn't mattered to their audiences, who have felt moved to the core by the beauty and the depth of human feeling in their performances. No matter...

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What Do You Still Want at the Piano?

Deep down inside, is there something you want to change in your playing? Do you want a stronger technique? Greater freedom of expression? More powerful confidence onstage? These things can happen at the Transformative Piano Master Class Series: Connecting Mindfulness,...

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