Become the performer you dream of being.

I help musicians transform their playing so they can connect more powerfully with their audience.

Maybe this sounds familiar …

You’ve had fine training and worked hard.

But still you feel there‘s something missing in your playing.

You haven’t succeeded in taking it to that next level.

It’s frustrating.

You long to feel more free and confident onstage and to enjoy performing more.

Maybe you’ve wondered if you have what it takes to be a more powerful performer.

Or if you’ll ever feel like you really belong up there in the spotlight.

The good news is that there IS a way to take your playing to a new level. An approach that makes practicing more rewarding and effective—that releases tension and creates more ease and enjoyment.

Beyond that, this approach allows you to perform with more freedom and confidence.

That way, you can stop worrying about what people think, and instead communicate onstage from your vulnerable, authentic self—giving audiences an unforgettable experience of their shared humanity.

“Before studying with Madeline I struggled for years with debilitating performance anxiety and frustration. She enabled me to recapture my earlier love for music and performing and to raise the level of my playing to an astonishing degree. She has provided an oasis for my musical struggles.”

– Tim Mueller, pianist, graduate of Eastman School of Music

The techniques Madeline teaches are magical. I have better tone and a kind of clarity that is beyond anything I’d ever imagined. I didn’t realize that I could still make this kind of transformation and progress.”

– Tang-mei Shieh, pianist, graduate of Manhattan School of Music

Hi. I’m Madeline.

I’m a pianist, educator, and author, and I love helping musicians take their playing to a whole new level and give it to the world.

My approach integrates traditional conservatory training with mindfulness techniques, principles of rhythmic momentum, and up-to-date information about body mechanics. I help musicians identify what’s specifically preventing them from expressing themselves freely.

I’ve helped hundreds of musicians, including seasoned concert artists, perform with more confidence and freedom than they knew was possible.

I started out on track for a concert career, and in my 20s I performed as soloist with the San Francisco and Denver Symphony Orchestras.

But when I was 29 I had a crisis of confidence. I desperately wanted to take my career to the next level, but I botched an audition that could have done it for me. Walking out to play for the judges, I felt I didn’t belong there. Bizarre things went awry in my playing. It was clear that I needed a whole new kind of relaxation and confidence onstage in order to advance my career.

I decided to try mindfulness meditation, and it changed everything. It relaxed me to an amazing degree, and it led me to discover a new approach to practice and performance. My playing and teaching radically improved, so that my whole musical life became much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

If you’re ready to take your playing to a new level, I invite you to learn more by subscribing to my free e-zine, Performing Beyond Fear, or scheduling a complimentary diagnostic session.

I wish you much joy and success.

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Madeline Bruser

“Madeline is a teacher with a rare gift. There are many teachers out there who can teach the craft, but Madeline succeeds in making you grow as an artist and a human being.”

– Xose Miguelez, saxophonist, graduate of Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo, Spain 

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