Madeline Bruser offers piano lessons in NYC at her private studio located at 801 West End Avenue, at 99th Street, in Manhattan, and worldwide via Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime. She also offers sessions in the Art of Practicing and in Performing Beyond Fear for other musicians, to help them make music with greater ease and expressive power, and to get beyond performance anxiety.

Do you want more freedom, joy, and confidence at the piano?

“Studying with Madeline Bruser has changed my life as a musician. After earning a master’s degree in piano performance from a major conservatory, I struggled for years with debilitating performance anxiety and frustration. Her teaching has enabled me to recapture my earlier love and enthusiasm for music and performing, and to raise the level of my playing to an astonishing degree. She has provided an oasis for my musical struggles.”

Timothy Mueller, Pianist, Graduate of Eastman School of Music

You really love the piano, but no matter how hard you work at it, you might feel frustrated. Maybe you’re thinking thoughts like these:

“I’m really trying – why doesn’t it sound better?”
“I can’t focus – I keep getting distracted.”
“I feel tense a lot.”
“With all these problems, no wonder I don’t feel confident when I perform!”
“Maybe I’m just not talented enough.”

Maybe you’ve tried new ways of using your hands or practicing more. Or you’ve used positive thinking, beta-blockers, or psychotherapy to help you with performance anxiety. Yet in spite of everything, you still feel tense or fearful, and unsure of how to take your playing from where it is now to where you really want it to be.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If nothing you’ve tried is bringing you the freedom and confidence you want, it doesn’t mean you lack talent. It just means that there are one or more missing ingredients in your approach to practicing or performing. And if you can find these missing ingredients, you can solve your problems and begin to play the way you want to.

Since 1985, I’ve loved helping pianists pinpoint these missing ingredients through a unique, comprehensive, and transformative approach called the Art of Practicing. It combines traditional music training with training in mindfulness-awareness, rhythmic principles, and new information on body mechanics, resulting in a freer body, a deeper connection to sound and sensation, stronger rhythmic momentum, greater mental focus, and expanded emotional power. And I teach all this in a student-centered way – which means instead of me just telling you what to do, we talk about what you already know and perceive yourself, so that your own intelligence gets stronger in the learning process, and you feel empowered to become the pianist you’re meant to be. When you combine all these ingredients, you create a deep trust in your body and mind, and you’re free to express the music that’s in your heart.

If you’re ready to take your playing to a new level of confidence and expressive freedom, I invite you to learn more by subscribing to my free e-zine, Performing Beyond Fear, or scheduling a free consultation.

I wish you much joy and success.

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Madeline Bruser

“I went to Madeline after spending many years being unhappy with my playing. I hit a wall hearing the same critiques over and over again: ‘You’re not connected to the piano, play closer to the keys, play deeper into the keybed, curve your fingers more, etc.’ Lessons with Madeline have been a transformative process. I’ve gained an awareness of technique, practice, performance, listening, and mindfulness which has transformed not only my playing for the better, but my life. Because of these lessons, I trust in my music making again and I trust in my heart.”

Jad Bernardo, Pianist and Coach

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