Madeline Bruser offers piano lessons in NYC at her private studio located at 801 West End Avenue, at 99th Street, in Manhattan, and worldwide via Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime. She also offers sessions in the Art of Practicing and in Performing Beyond Fear for other musicians, to help them make music with greater ease and expressive power, and to get beyond performance anxiety.


Do you ever feel like something is in your way, preventing you from playing the way you want to? From being really free and confident at the piano?

Whether you’re relatively new to the piano or you’re a highly accomplished professional, you might feel something is missing in your playing or career. Maybe you feel tense or frustrated during practicing, or you’d like to feel more at home onstage – less anxious about performing.

You might have tried new ways of using your hands or a more rigorous practice schedule. Or maybe you’ve tried just thinking more positively about performing, or using beta-blockers or psychotherapy to help you with performance anxiety. Yet in spite of all of your efforts, you might still feel somewhat tense or fearful, and unsure of how to take your playing from where it is now to where you really want it to be.

If nothing you’ve tried is bringing you the kind of freedom and confidence you want, it means that there are one or more missing ingredients in your approach to practicing or performing. And if you can find these missing ingredients, you can get past what’s in your way and begin to play the way you want to.

Since 1985, I’ve enjoyed helping pianists pinpoint these missing ingredients through a unique, comprehensive, and transformative approach called the Art of Practicing. It combines traditional music training with training in mindfulness-awareness, rhythmic principles, and new information on body mechanics, resulting in a freer body, a deeper connection to sound and sensation, stronger rhythmic momentum, greater mental focus, and expanded emotional power. These elements combine to create a deep trust in your own body and mind, so that your energy can flow freely in practice and performance and you can express the music that’s in your heart.

If you’re ready to take your playing to a new level of confidence and expressive freedom, I invite you to learn more by subscribing to my free e-zine, Performing Beyond Fear, or scheduling a free consultation.

I wish you much joy and success.

Madeline Bruser

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Madeline Bruser

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